The 2020 -2021 season started on 7th September 2020


Covid-19 has inevitably impacted the way our Club will run this season. The Club will operate as a Virtual Club using Zoom Video Conferencing. Not all is doom and gloom however. virtual meetings have opened up new possibilities. Meetings are now featuring speakers from as far afield as Australia, Ireland and England which would not have been possible in the course of normal Club meetings. Most meetings are recorded and are available for members to view on the Club website. This will allow members who missed the original meeting to catch up and will be particularly helpful for practical demonstrations allowing members to rerun steps they are unsure or forgotten the steps.

Also it has allowed the Club to team with other clubs (Dunfermline Photographic Association and Dunfermline Camera Club) to share speakers which will mean more speakers will be available to view.

Dunfermline Photographic Association -

Dunfermline Camera Club -


All competitions this year will be Digital Projected Images (DPI) because of the difficulty of handling physical print due to the Covid-19 transmission risk.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the past year and I hope I can rely on you all again to help make this season one of the best KPS has had. We have many new speakers and lots of exciting competitions to enter so get ready for a roller coaster ride. Good Luck to all.

Monday the 1st of February saw our zoom night guest Martin Sproul gave an insight to layers and masks. As an expert in this field he also holds workshops in Tuscany and Venice which look particularly exciting Martin took us through the steps of converting a simple shot on Photoshop through the various stages of layers to the impressive finished article leaving many of us with writer’s cramp taking notes. This talk was mainly for the members who had not attempted layers before but I’m sure everybody picked up something along the way. An interesting night indeed.

Tonight’s speaker was Jane Lazenby an accomplished Artist and Photographer who took us into her world of animal fantasy featuring mainly horses. Her artistic vision and knowledge of Photoshop provided us with stunning award winning shots of these beautiful animals in many different locations and with models in period clothing turned your average shot into something special. A very interesting and different evening.


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